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Paint Colors that will set the Trend in the Home this 2021


A new year has started and with it the most desired paint colors that will flood millions of homes have been appearing. 

Colors bring us sensations and emotions; therefore, the color we choose to paint our home will be very important in our day to day life. 

This year we are giving way to deep, bold tones with character. Shades that will set the trend in 2021. 

We tell you what are some of the trend colors in paint in 2021. Do you dare to discover them?

- Brave Ground -

Behr Paint's Color of the Year by Choice

One of the trends for the coming year is this Behr paint; one that moves between brown and grey and connects warm tone that moves between brown and gray and connects with nature instantly. 

In addition to providing a sense of balance and potential, it provides a firm base that will help us to combine it with any material or surface. 

Color trend 2021 home
Brave Ground

- Greens -

With soft and delicate touches

Olive green has been one of the most successful colors in the home. It is a soft, delicate and harmonious tone that integrates perfectly in bedrooms and living rooms.

Bluish greens 

You can combine them with orange and you will break with that saturated shade of green.

Mint green and beige

These two colors combined will create a very peaceful space.

Trendy home paint colors 2021 Mint green and beige

Blue and green  

They create perfect harmony, especially when combined with black and white.

Trend Home Paint Colors 2021

- Blue in all its variants

Mediterranean tones that give us serenity

There is a tone called Dayflower that is full of energy and brings us a lot of peace. In general we will see very Mediterranean tones that remind us of the moments near the sea that we live in summer. 

Painting 2021 trend colors


Klein Blue

An intense tone that will become a point of reference for the mind

On the wall it can have a presence, but keep in mind that it should not cover all the walls. Itshould have a limited and simple space. You can combine it with white and you will generate a drastic and forceful contrast.

The armchairs can also be a good resource if we choose them in this shade. It is proven that they convey a sense of comfort and arouse a really attractive character.

Trendy colors 2021 klein blue

Navy Blue

A classic that never goes out of style

With this tone we will highlight the details of the natural wood and add a touch of mint green. 

This color is perfect to transmit confidence and securityIt gives a feeling of protection and comfort.

Although it's a bold decision, it's perfect if you like something different.

Trendy paint colors 2021 home Navy blue

Celeste Pastel

Serenity and a peaceful ambiance for any stay

An aged tone that will bring us much serenity. This color is ideal for bedrooms and any room in the home where we want to create a peaceful atmosphere. 

Light blue is a color that can also be combined with several others, creating multiple effects without abandoning its main characteristic of freshness.

This color is indicated for spaces where relaxation, rest or concentration are to be stimulated.

Pastel sky blue paint trend colors 2021

Mixed blues

Serenity and a peaceful ambiance for any stay

If you notice that a single color is not enough to impact as you had wished, you can use different shades of the same color. Painting the moldings or other finishes in a different blue than the wall can be a good option, or place pictures in another shade of blue to superimpose the wall. 

blue for home decoration

- Powdered Pink -

Subtle and delicate colors to give way to happiness

We will also see more cheerful tones such as powdered pinks; very subtle and delicate colors that will give us a touch of joy to the rooms but without overloading them. 

At the same time fill the entire space with lightThe color of the wall, which is why it is one of the best options for decorating smaller houses. 

This year if you combine it with a deep mint green you can achieve a retro look. 

- Blue in all its variants - Mediterranean tones that give us serenity

A good color palette for this shade is usually burgundy, beige and gold.

color palette for powder pink in homes

powder pink in kitchens 2021


- Blues and Browns combined -

Creating contemporary spaces

In this case, neutral beiges combine perfectly with blues and mustards, bringing balance and nature. 

Blues and browns in decoration 2021

These tones are perfect for creating a contemporary space. 

You can also use neutral, light colors in furniture, flooring and other decorative elements to create a nice contrast with the dark walls. 

Browns and blues combined 2021


- Whites -

The target that does not fail

White remains at the top of the pyramid of favorite colors for home interiors. Whether walls, textiles, furniture or decorative pieces, white is always the right color. 

By using it, we gain amplitude and lightThis can make it easier to create new color combinations with other objects that bring a touch of joy to the home. 

Chalk white will be a trend in 2021 and with this shade you will be able to create a soft and cozy atmosphere. This year think about. whites in matte or textured finishes. 😉 

Chalk white for home walls in 2021


A coat of paint can bring life to a room that is old and dull. There are so many colors for this that it's easy to get confused. 

We advise you to always follow certain simple rules to see what can be complemented and what cannot:

  1. Deciding on the colors of the furniture and accessories We will have to decide on elements such as carpets, tapestries, fabrics or others that we want to incorporate into the space to be painted. It is easier to choose the color of the wall if you already know the rest.
  2. Cool and warm colors: keep in mind that there are colors like red or brown that will make the room look smaller, and colors like blue that will achieve the opposite.
  3. Define what you are going to use the room for: you must analyze that room and how you expect to feel in the future in it. Do you expect a quiet environment to concentrate or on the contrary do you prefer it vibrant to keep you active?
  4. Make a test before painting it completely: it is advisable to paint with the same technique and number of coats you will use later.
Paint color trend 2021

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What do you think about the trends in Painting in 2021?


We wait for you in the comments. 


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