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Virtual Decoration increases your sales possibilities


Virtual home decoration 

We know that "everything comes in through the eyes" and when it comes to finding your ideal home, it becomes even stronger. With all the new digitalizing technologies entering the business world, the real estate sector is one of the sectors that has seen the most changes in the last year. 

Virtual tours, 360º... Virtual Decoration has arrived. And it is here to stay. 

Still don't know what's wrong or what you need to improve your home to make it the place you've always dreamed of?

Do you have your home for sale but it needs some improvements and you are not getting enough viewings? 

Virtual home decoration is an increasingly demanded service in the real estate sector because it allows sellers to turn their homes into attractive opportunities and, in turn, it makes it easier for buyers to visualize what the renovated home would look like and, therefore, to make quicker and more accurate decisions. 

Companies like ▪ Deco Space ▪ have come up with revolutionary proposals with virtual decoration for you to imagine exactly how your spaces will be. 

The classic offline tool of photography or floor plans will still be with us, but in the digitally created ones the person is able to see the converted space as if it were real. Thus, an empty and unattractive apartment can be converted into a modern and sophisticated one, which will surely be liked by the buyer. 

virtual decoration of homes in valencia

The interior designer knows the most representative items, has suppliers, data and prices to make a budget to your needs. Now there are also methods such as renovation calculators. With them you can estimate the budget of the same, whether a simple facelift or a comprehensive reform of the same. In this way, if you are planning to embark on the purchase of an apartment to reform you can know in advance what budget you will have to spend on a reform. 

Creative process of virtual decoration for companies such as Espacio Deco

  1. They are provided photos or drawings of the real estate assets, on which the virtual decoration is prepared, refurbished and decorated.
  2. Incorporate the animation in the real estate website, in format gif, video or interactive iframeformat, in order to have the effect of a virtual window with a curtain on the web or social networks of the company. 
  3. We deliver a before and after processto be included in all the portals that do not have a virtual window. 
  4. They adapt a solution for each type of real estate property; premises, interiors, exteriors...

There are also companies such as ▪ Con_c interior design ▪ that create and build custom spaces. These are beautiful interior design projects for your home and its subsequent construction with a personalized decoration and sophisticated and elegant spaces. Their philosophy of "less is more" stands out in the careful details and the natural light of the spaces.


With interior design projects and execution of works, both in private homes and commercial premises. In addition, not only design or aesthetic concepts are applied in this area, but also great technical knowledge and a functional sense of space, since it will be people who will inhabit the space in question. 

Phases in an Interior Design Project 

1. Discovery phase: this phase helps to know the needs, tastes and personality of the client to adapt it in a personalized way in the final result.

  • We define the project
  • We prepare the briefing
  • We conduct interviews with the client 
  • We detect the fundamental needs of the project and client. 

Preliminary design phase

  • We elaborate sketches and scale drawings 
  • We select materials and distribution of each room
  • We select finishes for each space 

3. Project 

  • We make final plans of the project to scale 
  • Finishings and materials drawings 
  • Installation plans; electrical, plumbing, sanitation... 
  • Choice and distribution of furniture 
  • Budget preparation 

Virtual home decoration and interior design projects

4. Execution of the Work 

5. Administrative needs: they will help you in the management of work permits, settlements, authorizations....

6. Follow-up of work

7. Installation of the furniture: Once the works are finished, they will install the furniture and all the complements that have been agreed upon. In addition, all the finishing touches are made to enrich the project.


If you are interested in seeing how the house can look like after decoration and/or renovation with an interactive system, write to us and we will contact you 😉.

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