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What do we offer you?


In Agencia Mediterránea with the aim of offering a comprehensive management in the marketing of real estate assets, offers its customers all the services they may need throughout the entire process of sale and / or lease, being present in each of the phases through professionals with extensive experience that make up each of its departments.

Administrative management

We thoroughly review the documentation and previous procedures.

It is common for clients to be unaware of the inconveniences that may surround the property or the purchase and sale costs that they have to assume. 

We are in charge of settling the taxes levied on the sale and purchase, and registering the property acquired in the name of the new owner in the corresponding land registries, as well as solving all possible incidents that may occur.

Legal Advice

We offer you legal assistance throughout the entire process and look after your interests so that all legal and formal requirements are scrupulously complied with. 

We can carry out the necessary formalities and procedures prior to the formalization of the purchase and sale of the property, being of special importance, as in some cases it is a legal requirement to carry out the purchase, the necessary documentation procedures for non-resident foreigners, such as obtaining the foreigner identification number (N.I.E.).

Personalized and Personalized Treatment

We are real estate experts and will be at your disposal to answer any questions you may have. 

We keep you informed at all times of the evolution of the purchase or sale of your home. 

We will organize the schedules and days of visits with both parties, thus facilitating the sale and purchase of your home. 

We keep our clients continuously informed of the evolution of the property through all our communication channels. 

Financial Intermediation

Specialized in mortgage financing to individuals, it is an independent intermediary in the granting of loans or credits that only operates with entities regulated by the Bank of Spain.

The agreements signed with them and our knowledge of their policies of risk, as well as the experience and training of our team, allow us to offer to the consumer the most suitable product to his profile.

Latest trends in Real Estate Marketing

We have an Elaborated Marketing Plan and a media deployment that we use in each sale and purchase so that the success rate is 100%. 

Matterport Virtual Tour


Online Broadcasting

Offline Diffusion

Integrated Project Management

We provide you with a comprehensive project management service in the field of construction, renovation and/or refurbishment of all types of properties, being able to offer coverage in Any of its phases, from design, through development and up to its execution, analyzing the investment costs, carrying out an exhaustive follow-up in each phase of the project, selecting and coordinating suppliers to optimize costs, etc.

For whom?


Whether you are a seller, buyer or lessee, we will be with you throughout the process and look after your interests. 


Forget about all the worries involved in the process, such as: visits, paperwork, negotiations,cost estimates...


Enjoy your time your time and we take care of everything.

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