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Tadelakt: the new Trend in Walls in 2022

This 'cement effect' paint is making its way into home decorations.

In addition to being sustainable, Tadelakt can be used both indoors and outdoors, including bathrooms and floors.

Tadelakt wall trends 2022


The word Tadelakt has its origin in Morocco and means "to smooth by rubbing". Its origin dates back to the 12th century when Moroccan walls were being built. During this period, it was discovered that the constant rubbing on the lime achieved a solid and shiny effect.

Its main characteristic is its impermeability, but also that of achieving comfort in terms of temperature.

Here are some of their advantages and disadvantages:


Among its advantages:

It is a very aesthetic material and, at the same time, hygienic, as it is a material very similar to cement. Tadelakt is an antibacterial material and we can also tell you that it is a totally ecological coating 😉.

If you live in an area with high humidity, this is a finish that withstands even the highest humidity rates, allowing the walls to breathe. It is for this reason that in Morocco they use it in steam rooms.

However, if you want to take a chance and do it yourself, there are manufacturers that have incorporated similar products. These are cements that are also waterproof and look just like Tadelakt, according to companies like Fleur Paint.


Disadvantages of Tadelakt:

Its main difficulty is its application, since it is costly and it is essential that the substrate is thoroughly prepared.

Another of its major disadvantages is that its material takes longer to dry than others. We are talking about weeks, even up to a month for it to reach its maximum hardness.

It is best used in very specific and small places.

.Tadelakt wall trend 2022


And you may ask, how do you clean the Tadelakt?

Its daily maintenance is simple, since you will only have to clean it with soapy water. It is important not to use products with detergents or industrial cleaners, since it is a very sensitive material to chemicals and its appearance could be damaged.


How is it applied?

Here are just a few tips on the steps to follow to achieve your walls with this wonderful technique.

It essentially consists of lime, to which natural pigments of a specific color are added. Once the mixture is applied, it will need a polishing process, which is a key step to achieve the technique.


We leave you a video where they explain step by step how to perform this technique 👇🏽.

Once the special lime is finished, it needs to be mixed with a bucket of water. You will also need a large brush to wet the walls, a smoothing spatula for the coating and a hard stone to polish the Tadelakt.

Finally, you will need to apply a layer of black soap with olive oil to protect the surface and create a water-repellent effect.

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