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🔹5 Reforms for which you will have to ask permission to your Neighborhood Community.

Installing an awning, air conditioning or changing the landing door will be some of the renovations for which you will need your neighbors' permission.

5 renovations that need permission from your community of neighbors

To enclose a balcony or terrace, install an awning or an air conditioner are some of the reforms for which you will need these permits.

We advise you, even if it is not a costly reform, to inform them of any work that is going to be done in the house. If you are not going to alter common elements, the most normal thing is that you do not need to ask for a permission to the community but, yes it is advisable to inform them.

In those that, on the contrary, alter common elements of the property, as well as changes in the facade, you will have to ask for permission from the community of owners.

5 Examples in which you DO have to ask permission from the community of neighbors:


🔹 1. Terrace enclosure 🔹 2.

If you want the change you make to be completely legal, you will have to ask permission from both the community of neighbors and the city council.

This reform alters the common elements, in addition to requiring a building permit on a mandatory basis.

We advise you to stop all these legal proceedings, as you could be denounced for urban infraction.

🔹 2. Installation or replacement of awning 🔹 3.

In the communities of neighbors are established rules regarding the installation of awnings, its design, color and model, so in most cases you will have to stick to the model that has been set.

The Horizontal Property Law states that the enclosure of terraces, placement of pergolas, awnings and other elements that may affect the aesthetics of the facade of your building will require the permission of the city council and the consent of the community of neighbors.

🔹 3. Paint the facade 🔹 4 .

Again, as indicated in the Horizontal Property Law, painting the facade is considered an alteration of the common elements. You will need a building permit from the town hall and submit it to the consensus of the neighbors of your property.

🔹 4. Change a front door 🔹 5.

If you have thought of changing the main door for another one in better condition, in principle there would be no problem.

🔹 5. Air Conditioning Installation 🔹 6.

Air conditioning systems are composed of 2 devices: the one that we place inside the house and the device that is placed outside.

This second device that needs to expel the air to the outside can be placed without problems in the gallery of the house, but if you do not have it to place it on the facade would be the convenient option.


On the other hand we will have the licenses of Minor Work and the licenses of Major Work.


Minor Construction Licenses

They are defined by their technical simplicity or reduced price, two factors that can help you identify whether it is one case or the other.

We can then talk about small repairs, installation of enclosures or adaptation of a house.

Major Construction Licenses

In reforms that involve the modification of the structure of the house, alter its distribution or its surface, we can speak in other terms. In these cases the permission that you will need is of major work.

You must have a reform project that must be signed by an architect and stamped by the professional association.


Finally, once you have the necessary permits, you must comply with the timetables of the municipal regulations and those of the community itself.

Remember to obtain information from the City Council to find out if the work you are going to do is legal and complies with the regulations, and based on this information take different alternatives.

Once started, patience and enthusiasm to see your new project finished is essential 😉

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